Commissioned Custom Artwork

Many of Susan's clients began with an appreciation of her work but with a vision of their own. Susan welcomes requests of all kinds for artwork for all different types of interiors. Whether you're a corporate office looking to create a fresh look, a homeowner with a dream of taking your space to the next level or somewhere in between, Susan can create a piece or a collection of pieces that will capture your desired style and achieve your goals. 

Prints and Custom-Sized Artwork

Susan has an existing portfolio of pieces available as originals or printed versions. Many clients have requested printed pieces for unique orders such as wedding invitations, thank you cards, large format artwork, event brochures and many more. Simply connect with Susan via her 'Let's Talk' page with the details of your request and she will create a custom order. 

Guided Art Classes

Susan offers guided art classes both in her picturesque New Hampshire studio as well as on location from corporate events to bridal showers and for students of all ages. Classes are held in a group setting but are small enough to allow for individualized attention.  

Interior Design 

In addition to being a polished professional artist, Susan also is an accomplished interior designer with a holistic vision and eye for spatial design. She is available for consultations upon request.